Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Day o' Love to everyone who ever looks at this blog.

Valentines Day is kinda of a "cute" holiday. One best celebrated trying to make it special by making sure our loved ones feel loved.

But since I don't have any romantic pictures to show, I will just show some we did recently that have a nice pink/red theme... That counts, right?

I hope you all feel loved today! We are so grateful for the love and support so many of you show us by simply visiting us here!



This could be another year of pictures of amazingly cute kinds... we are off to a good start already!



mo said...

I like the theme and that cute little miss at the end is the cutest thing I have ever seen! What a great pic!

michaelstubbs said...

Pink and red work for Valentine's day. Nice work. Our love goes to you both.

Emma Jo said...

Love the pictures...and M is seriously good at that hair shot. And little M is seriously adorable. Those two in the middle sure do make cute kids.

Jangs said...

really late in my blogging. But I love the pictures. Forgive the lateness. Happy Spring?