I am really happy with these. They are kind of random and funny shots, but I love the feel I got with them. And I especially love that this is my wife. She is a patient model and will let me experiment with lighting and ideas no matter how stupid they may make her feel. This test shot was my favorite of the whole night.


Here is the set up.


I was having her throw her hair up for some fun crazy hair shots (which didn't turn out at all).

Then we got down some more boring shots... but she still looks great.



M-L said...

Sho you are so beautiful and Spencer you take great pics!

Emma Jo said...

Really, Sho is the perfect model. Sophisticated, beautiful, classy and can totally work it. Some people are just not naturals in front of the camera but she is. I especially love the sock monkey slippers.

michaelstubbs said...

Nice work, again. Beautiful model; great photography.

Carrie Ann said...

I love these. I have missed so many posts. I want to hire you. I have the set up all in mind. I want a really stuffy, rich-y looking portrait where i'm sitting all snooty in a library setting with a small dog on my lap and jewels on my person. Can we do that? And can I look more like Sho? Seriously, she is becoming like an icon. I love your photos of her. I miss you guys!

Oscarson Photography said...

Carrie, That sounds AWESOME!!

Suzie Petunia said...

I want to be there to watch Carrie's photo shoot. :) Spencer, can you make me look as beautiful as your wife? Sho, you are gorgeous, darling!

mo said...

Ditto, ditto, ditto. Love it all! I still love the portrait you took of me sitting on the floor and looking up, and I don't ever like photos of me--ever! I use it for my facebook photo.
Heh, heh, my word verification is offstag...what does it mean?

katyvee said...

Um.. when you become a famous photographer, and Sho is a world known model.. are you gonna buy me something fancy??