She goes by Ribblet

I have somehow cornered the market on asian/white american couples. It helps to be in that market myself, I suppose. You know what? As long as they have kids this cute that is A-OK with me.

Ribblet and Family

Ribblet and Family

Ribblet and Family

That is pure Joy you are seeing there. Notice how the arms and legs are stretched to their fullest happiest extent.

Ribblet and Family

There is a little less happiness there.

Ribblet and Family

Ah~ there it is.

Ribblet and Family

Now THAT is a good looking family! I miss them already.


Emma Jo said...

Sooo cute! And I love your corner on that market, it is a good market.
Now that they are gone, does that mean that we get you back?

wendys said...

They look great! You are lucky to meet that little riblet in person. She is a doll.

Abby said...

Super-duper-uper-shmooper cute. That's funny that "you people" all seem to find each other...do you like that use of the term "you people?" Sounds very wrong.
But it looks like buttah. Beautiful pics and people all around.