Personal Progress Project

Sho came in the door one evening and said there was a desk sitting by the dumpster in our parking lot that looked like something she might like to fix up. We went out and took a look at it and I knew two things right away: if enough time was put into it, it would be pretty cool, and second, that I would end up do all the work. But that was ok with me. I like building projects as long as I can do it at my own pace (which is usually to let it sit a month and then work on it for several days straight until its done).

We totted the old battered desk back to our back porch area like a couple of thieves and there it sat for about a month. A week ago I realized I either had to toss the thing back to the dumpster or get to work... so I got to work.

I forgot to take a 'before' shot so this is half way through the sanding.

Desk Project

I removed the top part which was cracked and broken in an uneven way so as to render it... well, ugly. I also took out the drawer knobs planning to choose some new ones after painting.

Here's what it looked like partially sanded. Thank you Em for lending me the sander.

Desk Project

We borrowed Em's youngest for the day and went to Home Depot for paint and supplies. I wish we had taken a picture of us with that adorable 2 year old shopping around Home Depot. If having a kid is that much fun even only every once and a while, sign me up. It was a very "What are you kiddin'? We got ourselves a family 'ere!!" situation.

Here's the painting phase.

Desk Project

Desk Project

For our Friday night activity we went to Anthropologie to get the knobs I had in mind. But they only had ONE left.... sigh. We will go find the other later, I suppose. The color is not as blue as it appears in these, and the new knob is not as saturated either. Otherwise, it feels very complete!

Desk Project

Desk Project

Desk Project

Now if only we had some use for it... or at least a place to put it! Anyone need a cute desk?


katyvee said...

VERY cool.
But then most of what you do,IS.

Suzie Petunia said...

SO cool! I blove it! I'd take it off your hands in a heartbeat. :) I like that the scroll legs look like "S". I wonder what the "S" stands for? "Sarah", of course! Or Spencer and Sho. One of those things.

Emma Jo said...

I love it!! It really is a cool desk, I am glad you saved it. So cool. Love the knob, hope you find another one soon!

michaelstubbs said...

I too like your desk. When will life let us be neighbors again? I would let you borrow my kids, and I would stay up late doing crazy stuff like this with you. It would work out so right. I just know it would.

mo said...

That is one very cool desk! I am so impressed by your style, ambition, and industry. Way to go!

Abby said...

That is your front entry table, my friend...unless it's bigger than it looks in the picture. Put your keys in the drawer and BAM!
It is awesome. I am super impressed. There are few things more satisfying than fixing up something old and FREE and having a brand new pretty thing. Please put another knob on it quick though. Drinving me nuts.
Very pretty though.