Dunbarton Oaks Gardens

Dunbarton Oaks World Tree

We made use of a free museum day thingy Sho knew about and finally went to Dunbarton Oaks Gardens last Saturday. It is a huge mansion/museum/gardens some family (presumably the Dunbartons) owned and donated to Harvard University, I think. Anyway, the grounds are unbelievable. It is like stepping into any number of fantasy novels and/or movies: Alice in Wonderland, Where the Wild Things Are, Midsummer Night Dream etc... Every forty feet or so is like an entirely different flavor. We got bit by a few mosquitoes, but it was worth it. I used the chance to experiment with our wide-angle lens and nature photography, in which I am grossly inexperienced. I shot some black and white film too but there are a few shots left before I take it to get developed... remember doing that? Anyway... here's some of what we saw. There are many many more but they get kinda boring after even this many.

Barton Oaks Gardens - Washington, DC

Barton Oaks Gardens - Washington, DC  HDR

Dunbarton Oaks Gardens

Dunbarton Oaks Gardens

Dunbarton Oaks Gardens

Dunbarton Oaks Gardens

ps- Sorry about the over-obvious watermarks... forgot to un-check the box before exporting them out of Lightroom.


Emma Jo said...

Ooh, take us take us!!

michaelstubbs said...

Whoa. Cool stuff. Oh, I just applied to another DC job...a writing job. I'm still trying.

Oscarson Photography said...

Emma, you are gona LOVE this place.

Mike, do whatever it takes!

mo said...

Wowzers! That place is amazingly beautiful. Well, if everyone is gonna move to DC then maybe we should move there, too...in two years. We have no other plans right now so why not?

Suzie Petunia said...

Very cool! What are those big, whispy, things? Intriguing.

Dr. Johnsen said...

Some of your photos are OK.

Abby said...

Cery pretty. I want to go to there.