Labor Day and the Park

We took a long walk on Labor Day.

Labor Day in DC

Labor Day in DC

Labor Day in DC

Labor Day in DC

We also had family in town and got to play at the park... I'm gonna be an amazing father.

A Day at the Park


mo said...

I've always thought so.

Emma Jo said...

Sho is so so pretty. And yes you will be an amazing father...look at those darling kids (especially the one on the right, wink)

michaelstubbs said...

Great photos, as always. I am sure that you will be a great father too...as long as you could carry those kids like that for four hours while they are eating ice cream cones and crying about how they wanted a slightly different flavor and how they never get to do anything fun...and you can't swear or threaten them. I have not yet passed this test.

Suzie Petunia said...

What Mike said.

P.S. Sho is beautiful and you are very handsome.