Another Geeky Film Post

I shoot pretty sparingly with film, but recently finished two rolls and had them developed. The first roll was a nice black and white roll of Ilford Delta that I stretched out from the beginning of April until last week. I shot some film at the last wedding we did and I love the smooth look the film gives the bride.

Eskaran Wedding (on Film)

Eskaran Wedding (on Film)

There were a couple other shots I had forgotten about that were a pleasant surprise to see.

National Cathedral, Washignton DC

2010 National Cherry Blossom Festival Washington DC

I think I may have mentioned earlier that some very good friends of ours returned from a trip to Bulgaria where they were kind enough to pick up a VERY cool old Zorki 4 camera as a present for me. They know me all too well. This is the camera. Isn't it just fun to look at!? Or am I just a huge camera geek... perhaps both.

Zorki 4

So I cleaned it up a bit and got it working and just put a roll of expired Kodak Gold 400 through it. It was probably made in the 1950s or 60s so it doesn't have fancy things like auto focus, auto exposure, or even a light meter. So I had to judge every shot by myself and rely on the film being somewhat forgiving if I got the exposure and/or shutter speed wrong. I did alright. I'm excited to get better.

Honestly, most of the shots I got from the Zorki (isn't that a great name?) are pictures that 15 years ago you would have looked at and thought, 'eh, just kinda old looking...' But now, at least to me, these photos have a very cool feel that I would never be able to get by shooting digital. There are old scratches that I don't know if they came from the film or the camera, but I kind of like them. It is not a camera I will use for weddings, but I would defiantly use it for special portraits and landscapes when I want the depth only this camera can capture.

Zorki 4- Test Roll

Zorki 4- Test Roll

Zorki 4- Test Roll

Zorki 4- Test Roll

Zorki 4- Test Roll

Zorki 4- Test Roll


katyvee said...

I think you're so cool.

mo said...

I think you are definately becoming a Zorki dorki--but at least your pictures are very cool.

Emma Jo said...

Heh heh, Zorki Dorki. That's funny. Yeah, you are smart and stuff. I love the old pictures...how did you learn so much?

Suzie Petunia said...

The Zorki is cool, but its case is even cooler! Way cool. I love that you took a photo of your camera. I love that you are such a photographer geek. :)

Here's how old I am. When I took my photography class at BYU we were all still using film cameras. No one but the super elite rich photographers owned digital cameras. You may be a dorki, but at least you're not old like me. :)

Abby said...

I really like the way those turned out. Huh, film, eh? Who knew?