Salt and Pepper

Well that last post defiantly got your attention! Like I said, everything from love and adoration to disgust and disdain. That's your job, and I can appreciate it. Thank you all for reading and commenting.

And now for something completely different.

I have finished a revamp of our main website (go look and tell everyone you see!!!). We have enough of a body of work to focus the site for the audiences we would like to attract. We LOVE taking family, baby, corporate, wedding pictures etc. and we will continue to do so as often as possible, however, the site is steered more towards Editorial and Commercial work. The kinds of pictures you would see accompanying a story or advertisement a magazine.

Along those lines, I really need to work on my commercial style and ability. Thus...

Salt & Pepper... without the salt

Behold our salt and pepper... with no salt. You see, we keep forgetting to look for rock table salt when we go shopping... We could pretend that this picture has a deeper meaning than that, but who am I kidding. I took a picture of a salt shaker (grinder?) without any salt in it. Enjoy.


katyvee said...

Funny thing.. we have similar shakers.. for which we continue to forget to buy the big bally pepper for. (It's called "big bally pepper", right??)
Nice shot!

mo said...

Not only can you photograph like a real pro, you have great taste in salt and pepper shakers.

Suzie Petunia said...

That is the most beautiful photo of a salt-less salt grinder thingy I have ever seen.

I hear it is really difficult to photograph reflective materials, especially silver. So here is my non-sarcastic praise: Good job. Looks great!

Oscarson Photography said...

Thank you!