New Self Portraits

I'm thinking about putting this up as our blog banner... Sho says she is afraid people will just think it's her blog... I think people will just see a very nice picture of my beautiful wife. What do you think?

Sho & Logo

And you all did it! You exceeded my expectations and there are 13 comments on the last post... granted, one eager reader commented three times, but I never said that was against the rules so... Here you have it, in ALL of its glory.

Beard of the Year...

I have received every response from love to hate, and down right disgust. I was told I resembled everything from a civil war veteran, to Sherlock's companion Watson, to serial killer. It got a response... I guess that is what I was going for. I told Sho that this thing was my ticket to a career as a TV talent in Japan and she did not seem very interested.

When I shaved it off that night Sho and I I had it down to just a mustache, Sho and I started laughing so hard that I left it until after breakfast the next day. Oh what the heck, I can't resist. It really made us laugh, and it lasted for such a short time... here ya go folks.

THE stache

THE stache

THE stache

THE stache

THE stache

These pictures show me looking vile, creepy, nasty and several other adjectives. Feel free to add your own in the comments. Rest assured, the world may never see it again.


Suzie Petunia said...

At least its not a goatee? Seriously though... these pictures are priceless. HilARious.

M-L said...

Really funny!
I love the picture of Sho (the logo makes it clear that it may not just be her blog...)

Rumsey's said...

You are never going to believe this but I went to a "face reading" class last month on "Facial Features of Dangerous Criminals." The woman presenting said that if a man has a mustache and it ends before the line of his mouth line, it is read as heroic and stoic etc... If the stache goes below that line, particularly 1/4 inch, she has found there to be a strong correlation with rapists.

Just food for thought. I like the picture of Sho though ;)

Oscarson Photography said...

Rumseys, that is HILARIOUS!!!

michaelstubbs said...

I agree that the professional logo will make it clear that the blog is not your wife's personal blog. It's a great banner.

It's amazing what a little mustache will do to a face.

Did you get new glasses? They look cool.

Isaac said...

I believe that 'stache is filed under "Uncle Creepy" in the dictionary. The Chester A. Arthur look was better.

By the way, Facebook tells me it's your b-day today. Have a good one!

Abby said...

Happy Birthday indeed, you creepy lovable character.
Just the stache is very close to being out of some period piece, but I may have to lean toward rapist. (Your wardrobe does not match the creepiness, so that helps...to confuse people, I am sure. Love ya!

Abby said...

Oh, and I like the banner. I would not think it was just about Sho because of the words especially, but I would only be that much more inclined to read if it WERE just about Sho...her blog is a little neglected. She's pretty. I want a fabuous picture of me for my banner!

Chelsea said...

I hope you've registered on the sex offender website. Yikes. I'd keep my kids (and myself) away.

Glad you are normally a normal. :)

Chelsea said...

ps--love the picture of Sho, I miss her!

katyvee said...

You.. I like.
You, the pedifile.. not so much.

mo said...

Wait, is that really MY son? I started laughing and couldn't stop. You look like a cross between Earl Hickey (without the wild hair) and Mahatma Ghandi (just the right amount of hair.) I'm glad you weren't asked to stand in any lineups with that mustache. You would have been the "yeah, that's the guy, I'm sure of it" guy every time!

Emma Jo said...

Laughing. Just laughing. All you people are funny. Especially you, fuzzy face.

Carrie Ann said...

I LOVE that you can grow facial hair! The mustache has a "Tobias" edge to it which means automatic hilarity. Can I make a request? Starburns! or heartburns, or unicorn burns!

Suzie Petunia said...

STAR-burns! Yes, please! And "Tobias"! That is exactly what I was thinking!