Worthington at BB

We got to spend some time with some really amazing people last weekend and I just had to share.

Worthingtons - BB July 2010

This family is 100% beautiful.

Worthingtons - BB July 2010

Worthingtons - BB July 2010

We took some sparklers along and had some fun. I just get such a kick out of sparklers.

Worthingtons - BB July 2010

Worthingtons - BB July 2010

Next week we have another wedding that I am super excited about. More on that next week!!


Suzie Petunia said...

I love those beautiful people, too! How fun you got to be with them!! AND take their fun, beautiful pictures!

michaelstubbs said...

As always, nice work.

Abby said...

Somehow it makes me feel prettier to claim the Jollys as family. I"M RWLATED TO THEM, EVERYONE! In actuality, it probably makes people just say, "Hm. Then why don't YOU look like that?"
What beautiful people in a beautiful place, and what beautiful sparkler hand writing! Impressive.

mo said...

I didn't know you were going to be with those favorite people! Love the beautiful photos of them!

Emma Jo said...

Seriously the most beautiful family ever in existence! Seriously, how did you get so many good genes?! So pretty...and grown up, good heavens.