The world welcomes a new Hero


As most of you already know, we have welcomed a beautiful little girl into our little crew. We call her Hero, and as far as I am concerned she is simply perfect, like her mother.

Sho did an amazing job on a very difficult labor, but we have simply been amazied by how excited we are to finally have her here with us.


Someday I should write the details of this experience and what it has meant to me, but I just am not the type to put that on a blog. I express many of those same feelings, experiences and emotions through my photos, so they will just have to do for now.


I can't think of anything anyone would be interested in, so I will keep it short for now.



Emma Jo said...

So happy and excited. She is gorgeous and already missed because you are all too far away!

michaelstubbs said...

What a beautiful child. Send some of her hair this way. Our baby still doesn't have any.

wendys said...

Oh wow i love her expressive eyes!!

SP said...

Such beautiful photos of a beautiful baby!!!