The Rhodes

The Rhodes

We went to Utah, visitied family, and I spent a weekend the my best of friends in Moab. It was quite and adventure. I have a pile of photos that I am still working on, but I thought I would share this one first. It is a different kind of photo from the rest and thought it deserved its own post.

This is the kind of photo that gets me all excited. This is the kind of photo I could spend hours taking to try to get it just right.

My sister asked me to do a simple portrait with her and her husband in some period clothes she made as a reference for a painting she wants to do... yes she made those clothes. If you look closely, you'll even see the clothes pin I just realized I didn't take out in post... maybe I'll repost this when that is done. Anyway, I still like it.


Emma Jo said...

Seriously, could Carrie and Todd be any cooler? Why do we live so far away from them and everyone else?

michaelstubbs said...

Great shot, and great clothes.

mo said...

FAN-tastic! So very very cool!