Gore Family Preview

We just barely squeezed one more family in before all of the best leaves were gone for the season. A windy rain storm two days earlier had viciously ripped the majority of reds and oranges from most trees, but I still think it made for a pretty background.

Gore Family

Gore Family

Gore Family

Gore Family

Gore Family

I love that last one. I had that shot in my head before we left the house that day. I had imagined the shot with the whole family walking, but we had tested that boy's patience to its limit and I don't think any amount of planning could have made it better. It's not much of a portrait of an individual, but a great portrait of childhood, perhaps. If I may be so artsy.

We have been rather busy with photos recently. I will have some more from our last couple fall flings coming soon.


mo said...

That last shot is a masterpiece--truly. Love it.

katyvee said...

Now that we're moving more "central".. do you ever get around Salt Lake area?? Cause if ya do.. I want Spence the Photographer.. and I'll pay what you're chargin'!

Suzie Petunia said...

That last one has a very "sacred grove" feel about it. Except Joseph Smith wasn't a toddler then... It really is gorgeous. The ones of the kids are really beautiful. I bet kids love working with you! You probably make them laugh a lot. Do you have one of those duster thingys they always use to make babies smile at those kids photography places? If not, I highly recommend it. For some reason babies think they are the most hilarious things ever.