Virginia Falls

I felt that this blog has drifted a bit. So I am bringing it back to primarily recent shoots and snipits from personal projects.

It is fall here in Northern Virginia and that makes for some very nice picture taking.

It's not what you think

This is actually the reflection of the tree in the water flipped upside down. I punched it up a bunch to give it that story-book feel. I like it. What looks like clouds is actually pond scum. Nice huh?

Here is a stitch showing the whole enchilada.

Virginia Farmland

We went the hills, as they say, with some good friends and family and were able to get a couple shots I like.

Virginia Farmland

Virginia Farmland

We did a family and couple shot with some of our best friends. Ain't they lovely?

Virginia Farmland

Virginia Farmland


katyvee said...

Have I mentioned your talented?
Capital T.
That pictureof Emilys girls should be in an an somewhere.. for something darling.

michaelstubbs said...

Nice work. I do like the pond scum clouds.

Suzie Petunia said...

An ad for stipey tights. :)

Gorgeous stuff, as always, bro.

Emma Jo said...

Sooo lovely. And I want that tree reflection picture in my house. Where can I order that puppy up?

mo said...

You do nice work for a cultural exchange program director!