Let me explain... No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

I have been happily busy as a bee with photography recently. We have had a few portraits, trips and past projects that all need to be completed before we get any further into June. We have two weddings (and no funeral) this month and I wanted to get all of these done and behind us before moving on.

I have finally had a chance to revisit some personal work from my trip to Moab at the end of April. Here is a sequence of a good friend shortening his life for the sake of a great shot. I'd tell you where this is but... it's kind of one of my top three favorite spots in the whole world and I'd like to keep it safe and sound.

We were able to do the final work for some of the amazing (and amazingly beautiful) families we did work for in Madrid last December. I love this shot. It would work as a large print in the front entry or as a blog banner. Either way, its a beautiful disaster and my personal favorite.

Here are a couple more from Madrid.

Our very good friends in New York are moving to Tokyo this month and we got to see their beautiful new baby daughter a couple weeks ago. Congrats on everything you two!.. er, four!

Another couple that are near and dear to us are moving away from us and we set up a photo booth for their farewell party. This way our friends will have one final shot to remember us by. This first one is of them. Oh, how we will miss them! Especially that little one's smile!

Everyone wanted to take their picture with their bouncing baby boy. Even me!!

And last, but not least, I will end with two more edits from the last session we did with our good friends.

I love these two shots. This is how I think of these two. They are full of personality... and are just so dang PRETTY!!!


michaelstubbs said...

I even met some of these people. I feel so in touch. You do great work, Spencer. It's great to see it.

Suzie Petunia said...

Spencer, you are so talented! I love ALL of these. Some day I want a "crazy family" photo of my own family. It won't be very difficult to set up, I guarantee it. I'm lobbying to get my in-laws to fly you out to our family reunion to take our pictures this summer. :) Would you come out to Sun River, OR?

mo said...

As always, you are creative, fresh, and professional! Love them all. When do we get our personal on site session here in Sweden?

Oscarson Photography said...

Suzie P - We would LOVE to come to OR!!

Mo - Anytime... Anytime.

katyvee said...

Oh you're good. You're very good.
(Wait. I think I've posted that exact comment before.. but what r'ya gonna do-- you're very, VERY, good.) I want a crazy family photo complete with our 4 chickens and dog. Preferably during one of Sophie's temper tantrums. Now THAT would be fun.

Oscarson Photography said...

Anytime, Katyvww!!

Johanna said...