John and Brooke Wedding

This last weekend we had the pleasure of taking pictures for John and Brooke's beautiful wedding. They are two of the more fun people I have ever met. The wedding was here in Washington, DC and there was a reception the next day down in North Carolina. Both days were so much fun!!

We have picture proof that EVERYONE got out on that dance floor by the end of the night; the young, the old, and everyone in between. These two families sure know how to throw a party.

It was obvious just from being there and walking around that John and Brooke are greatly loved and supported. We were honored to be a part of it all.

Congratulations Again!!


mo said...

I am so impressed by the colors, the freshness, and the joy you captured! Amazing.

katyvee said...

Tell that girl congrats on great shoes.. great flowers.. and a GREAT photographer! Loved em all. Why couldn't of you been this skilled when I got married?? (Oh.. cause you were like.. 9??)

Dr. Johnsen said...

You see what happens when you shoot with a mans camera?


Becks said...

Spence, I love your work! I missed out on the creative gene that seems to run in the rest of the family. I'm very impressed.

Maren said...

Look at Clay getting down! I love my family!