More from Spain in a moment, but first...

... in between getting client galleries up for Spain ( I am really excited about the work we did, and I will be posting more later) and waiting for orders I got a chance to go out and shoot with my two best friends. One has been on a nuclear submarine for 8 months straight and we thought he could use a weekend 'out of the water'. There were some minor injuries, but like we have always said 'Pain is momentary... Film is forever'. Yes, of course I took pictures of the blood, but I thought I would spare you all. Anyway, we consider the weekend a great success, and these picture attest to that.

For lack of things to do this time of year, we found some cool locations and went shooting.

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Suzie Petunia said...

OK, I INSIST on seeing the pictures of Nolan climbing the tree which caused him to almost lose his eye! They better be worth it! I SAW that eye in person when I was in CT and it was gross. Seriously gross.

But cool pictures, as always, Spence.