My sister has been wanting to update the profile pictures on her blog for a while she packed up the family and brought them to us. We had so much fun doing these for them.

This top picture was for the top banner for her blog. We had stretched the kids attention spans to breaking point but we wanted to get one more "fun" shot. We have been collecting hats and props for just such an occasion. Even though I had to cut off the oldest sisters left arm, I still love this picture. We gave them hats, told them about where to stand and then started shooting. The one dressed as a pirate made and held that face for a solid three minutes. The Cutie in the white dress has a Sushi Roll hat that was made by our good friends who just moved to Malta. It was their Halloween costume.

My brother in law is an officer in the Navy and my sister has always wanted a nice picture of him in his uniform. So we did that too. It was super fun and we can't wait to do it with others.

I think there may be a bit of a niche one could make focusing on Online Profile Pictures. Everyone has a blog, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc and the 'take a picture of myself in my bathroom from an arm's length' profile pictures are not only communicate all of the wrong ideas to viewers, but they are just crappy pictures! So call or write if you want to look your best for your internet peeps! Anyway, we love these shots of this family. Pure joy.


Miyuki said...

spencer! miyuki だよ♪
your sister looks just like you dane!!! nice pics!

Suzie Petunia said...

So delightful! I can't wait until you come all the way to Portland to shoot our family... er, I mean take our pictures. ? Please don't shoot us.

Amy Lynn said...

Oh, perfectly perfect. I brag all the time about the two of you and your amazing abilities behind the camera. Please come take pictures of us...and I could definitely use a new profile picture. Do you actually have to "take" my picture or could you just whip a little something up without the double chins?