I've spent this last week trying to get through some more shots from Japan. I am mostly done with the regular size images but still have plenty to do. I have been working on some panoramas as well. This is the latest and greatest. It is from a very small island 30 minutes from Hiroshima called Miyajima. It is one of the 'Three Views in Japan". We only went out for a couple hours but decide it would make a fantastic weekend getaway. You are all invited, of course.

This place is famous for several things, one of which is this huge red/orange Torii, or Shinto (sometimes Buddhist) gate, in the water between the island and the mainland, and the temple built over the water (to the right in the picture. Click on the "View On Black" below to see it larger.

View On Black


mo said...

Absolutely breathtaking. Sometime in this life time we must go with you to Japan.

Amy Lynn said...

So...I've been sitting here in my part of the country wondering why you folks back east never write. "Why don't they write?" (What movie?) And then I mentioned to someone that you led fascinating lives AND took amazing pictures of it all so why didn't they post on their blog and I was told you DID post but it didn't show up on my blog list because it was private. So I just hopped myself on over and here you are and I've been laughing and sighing and enjoying for the better part of an hour. Love you people...love, love, love. I can't wait to see ALL the fabulous pictures from Japan and have you tell us all the stories about every one! What an amazing trip! Oh, and I laughed so hard at the video of you with afros on soul train that I had to excuse myself to use the bathroom.