Reliving the past to prepare the future

I will visit Japan for my "other" job this summer and since I had some time today I decided to revisit my oversized folders of photos from my last visit in 2009. It was my first time to Japan since serving an LDS mission there from 2000 to 2002 and it was my first time outside the Kansai area. I got to see Tokyo, Hiroshima, and my favorite, Sho's hometown of Shizuoka.

It can be hard to look at my photography from even a year ago as I have worked very hard to improve both technically and aesthetic, but when I brushed the dust off and bothered running them thru a little proper processing, some of these surprised me.

Here's a view of Tokyo's famous Rainbow Bridge from the top of the Fuji TV studio building.

Japan 2009

Here is a small alley of Oden shops (a hot dish traditionally only really eaten in the winter...).

Japan 2009

Japan 2009

This is walking thru the massive and massively confusing Tokyo Station.

Japan 2009

And this is a $180 square watermelon. The one in the 'cage' is also about $180 and the sticker says it is a "Godzilla Egg"... Not sure I'd want to eat an egg of his.

Japan 2009

This is one of my favorites. This is Sho showing me around a local shrine in her home town. My wife is beautiful, has great legs, and looks great in Japan. Wouldn't you agree? I really must take her there more often.

Japan 2009


Suzie Petunia said...

Yes, she is lovely indeed. And Japan is lovely, too. Hope to see it for myself some day...

Toshi said...

So, the conference is still on going, huh? I wish I would have applied for it, but I will be super busy with school anyway... Well, have fun in Japan!

mo said...

You have always had a great eye for beauty and an ability to capture it. Sho is indeed the loveliest part of those pictures! I would truly love to visit Japan some day with both of you.

chellrie said...

I agree! You do have a gorgeous wife!

Emma Jo said...

Everything Japanese is classy and calming and beautiful, Sho included. I want to go, please take me! I may not have a square watermelon, but I do have your round one still in the fridge. I make no promises of its safe return....unless you give me $180.

Abby said...

Mmmmm....Oden. I do't even know what it s but I want t be there and eat it.
Beautiful, as always, and you are right, she is beautiful--especially in Japan. (Not that she's not welcome here...I mean...nevermind. :) Sho, you know I love ya more than my luggage!