Catching Up

2010 was the year of cute kids. Amazingly. Cute. Kids. Like, unbelievable.... you don't believe me do you... look on.

Fredrick Family

Fredrick Family

Fredrick Family

Fredrick Family

The dad and I have an interesting history. I kept moving into cities in Japan and Hawaii just after he left them and Japanese people, who have a hard time telling white people apart, were sure I was him... or his brother. I get it. He looks a little like a taller, brown eyed, full head of hair brother that I never had.

Then we went to Texas. More on what we did in Texas later... but here is what it looks like... Well, this is more what it feels like.

Texas Home


Emma Jo said...

Cute kids indeed! And you do kinda look a little alike.
Oh, that Texas sky.

michaelstubbs said...

Great pictures. Cute kids. And, it's always nice to meet a long lost cousin.

mo said...

He does look a bit like you...or you him...or something. Wait, is his name Michael? Remember that kindergardener named Michael Oscarson they tried to tell me I needed to register? Maybe it was him. Maybe I did have a child that I lost! Is this going somewhere?

Amy Lynn said...

My long lost brother...that really is amazing. He does look like you. And that sky...wow.

Masa Kyotani said...

tte iu ka, masa bought a camera and started taking pictures... i cant believe he did it... when you come to japan again can you please train him?!

Doug said...

Brother! Even the kids (the ones in the pictures) get the two of us mixed up sometimes. Thats why you're Uncle Daddy!
Guess you guys have an idea of what your kids will look like.

Paul said...

I miss that Texas sky at times. A woman at the temple today looked out the window and said, "Look at that sunset (it was 2:59 pm)...it's beautiful, but nothing like a Utah sunset." I wanted to say, "And a Utah sunset is nothing like a Texas sunset!"...but knowing how important it is to avoid dissention in the temple, I let it go...but you know I mean!

Amy Dunn said...

These are PRECIOUS! You nailed the lighting and wow...you really captured the cuteness. ^_^