I am having trouble getting these shots in any kind of order for the sake of giving this post a sense of having a narrative... but oh well.

Cousin Mike (his official title is Dr. Cousin Mike, but we are pretty close), had reason to visit us in DC this last weekend. Being with him is never a dull experience. You might think his incredible experience as a forest fire fighter would be at odds with his experiences earning a PhD in English, but it actually informs and enhances it. The whole weekend was like story time. He's a poet... and he know it.... (see what i did there?)

He couldn't have come at a better time. It has gotten downright HOT here in DC and the cherry blossoms held out just long enough for us to push through the crowds and catch a glimpse.

Anyway, here's a recap.

After walking about a 10k we ended up at a new burger place at Dupont Circle. The burgers were great... but the buns just seemed dry and kind of hard. Oh well. It was worth a shot.

There are all kinds of way to enjoy the Cherry Blossoms. Here was one I had not seen before.

Not a moment was wasted though... as far as I was concerned, I was on the clock.

Here is Counsin Mike... It is not an optical illusion, he is just a big person. That couple is actually looking right into Mike's back pocket!

Did I mention that Mike's a serious tree hugger?

We did ask if we could take him out and take a decent shot of him while he was here. He was a great sport and very relaxed in front of the camera. I figured the only natural picture of Mike would have to include... well, nature. So we drove out to a favorite look out on the George Washington Parkway. Here is a picture of his alter ego followed by a true super-hero shot.

Mike joined Sho and I on our morning commute Tuesday to go catch his flight home. Mike had to get off first to transfer to the train that goes to the airport. As he stepped off the quiet train packed with drowsy morning commuters, he spun around, and in a clear crisp voice yelled, "Goodbye guys! Thanks for everything! I love you!" Then looking around, "Yeah, I love all of you!!" The doors slid closed as if to cut him off before he could shake up anyone else's morning routine. It made us so happy we laughed all the way to work. We missed him immediately.

We really enjoyed your stay, Mike. Please come back soon!

PS- April 3rd was International Pillow Fight Day. Not that we knew that... at least, not until we happened to walk past this at Dupont Circle.


michaelstubbs said...

I do look rather larger than life in that one shot, don't I?

Emma Jo said...

I love Dr. Cousin Mike!! He is great, and he always comments on blogs too! I love all the pictures, you always get the good shots.

mo said...

Mike has a way of making everyone around him feel appreciated...his blog comments are always so right on! I almost didn't recognize him without his mountain man beard. What a handsome guy and what great pics of him! Glad you all got a good visit!

M-L said...

Great pictures! and lovely narrative.

wendys said...

Thanks for taking such great care of him. He thinks we should be your neighbors now. Next time me and the kids will come with him!

SP said...

I think we ALL should be neighbors! That would be the coolest!

Jangs said...

Thanks for showing my boy such a great time. I am glad you could be together and the pictures are so great!

Suzie Petunia said...

Do I come from an attractive family, or WHAT?! And I love how Mike said goodbye. That would make me smile all day long. :)