I have all kinds of excuses for not posting, but I will spare you. I would like to share some pictures from our recent trip to see family up in Connecticut. It is was a terribly fun trip. The weather and the company could not be beat.

We have four nieces there that we can not take enough pictures of.

For every little walk Sho would take the reflector and tell me to bring several lenses "just in case". Of all the cute pictures we took Sunday afternoon, this may be my favorite. Sho was coaxing photogenic smiles out of the girls with Japanese candy and treats. It is also how we got them to run back to the house with us.

I still have not come close to finishing the shots from Japan. Someday... Someday. Fall is coming earlier than we would have liked, but we will be ready with camera in hand.


Emma Jo said...

Oh, could you just come live with us...you could sleep on the floor, right by my bed. Doesn't that sound nice? The pictures of the girls always just make my heart stop for a moment. They are pretty, aren't they? Also, you are an exceptional editor.
(And I love Sho enticing them home with treats. So funny.)

katyvee said...

You make everything you shoot, breathtakingly lovely.
I would also keep you on the floor of my room. Any time.

mo said...

Where was your camera when my kids were growing up? Wait, you were one of those kids and you just would have broken a camera like that! You really capture the perfect moments beautifully!