One of the benefits of living in the nation's capital is being here for national holidays. And Independence day is the national holiday of national holidays. We have a good friend who's husband was in Iraq until Sunday so she joined us and we camped out on the national mall between the Washington and World War II monuments and waited for the big show.

This had to have been the most perfect weather I have ever experienced on the 4th of July... ever. It was warm, but not enough to make you sweat. It was sunny but the clouds came in and kept things just right. There was a cool breeze that was just the right speed to keep the smoke out of the way of the fireworks, but not too strong as to interfere with their flight path... did I just say 'flight path'?... huh. That's an interesting way to describe that.

There was great music from several US Army orchestras and bands. The mall filled to capacity, and at around 9pm the show began. It was really amazing. You are never too old or too cool for fireworks. This show had one of the best finales I have ever seen. It was a great day.

This is a picture of the crowd during the finale. I love the expression of the couple to the left. The woman's face is lit up like a 5 year old. Very fun. The random teenage couple making everyone feel very awkward in the middle of the shot should not escape your attention either. That was their most innocent pose of the evening.

After we got home, we broke out the sparklers I've had in my desk for like three years. I really wish I had gone out that day and bought more. There are hundreds of fun creative things to do with a good camera and a sparkler. Here is just one.

How was your 4th?


Emma Jo said...

Oh, it makes me remember fondly our trip to DC on the 4th...though our experience was considerably more wet. I love the sparklers picture at the end. (And I'm afraid I would have had to repeatedly yell "get a room" to the rude couple in the crowd.)

Suzie Petunia said...

I love that shot of the crowd watching the fireworks. It's always the fireworks that amateur photographers try to capture, but the real show is on the faces of those watching! Just shows what a genius photog you are. LOVE the sparkler shot! Some day I want to come to DC for the 4th. Can all 6 of us crash on your floor?

mo said...

Brilliant shots! I love the shot of the crowd too! It's priceless. You are truly a gifted photographer. We had a fun 4th that started with the parade in Provo and ended with watching the Stadium of Fire with Chip's fam on the hill above the stadium. Fireworks are magical!