This Saturday we did a post bridal shoot with a good friend Tori. It has been raining for almost two solid weeks in Washington, DC, but cleared up just enough for a few hours for us to go take some shots at a couple locations I spotted a while ago. It was incredibly muggy outside, but she was a great sport.

This was at a small really unknown memorial kind on the national mall that I have wanted to go shoot at for a long time. There is rarely anyone that visits and it is the perfect size for shots like this.

We wanted some 'water shots' and as we neared the Tidal Basin, a small bit of water that looks over the Jefferson memorial, Tori spotted a bench in some great light and asked for a few shots. These are my favorite from the whole shoot. Great thinking Tori!

Last, as we walked back to the car, the sun was setting over the city and I wanted a few with the clouds and orange sun in the background. As Tori walked out, however, the world's largest flock of giant sized gnats came to greet her and would not leave her alone. I grabbed just a small handful of shots before we made a run for it. I am glad we tried though, I think this shot was worth it.

Thanks Tori for the great shots! You're a true pro!


Suzie Petunia said...

Absolutely stunning! I love your locations.


that is one lucky girl to have a photographer like you.. and she is absolutely STUNNING. I love the wine sash against the crisp white dress. It looks lovely.